SEO is Just Getting Out of Its Awkward Phase

I recently attended an SEO Meetup in San Diego where I had the pleasure of listening to these folks talk shop for an hour or so:


Photo credit: @JohnBertino / Left to right: @adriasaracino@JordanKasteler@chris_hart@jonleeclark

The conversation ranged from using paid social promotion to test post titles and enhance visibility to how the disconnect in your page content and the expectations set by the ad, title tag, or whatever it was the user clicked on to reach your page affects conversion rates.

I couldn’t help but think of how far SEO has come. This conversation would not have happened 5 years ago when SEO was still in its adolescence. SEO is just now getting out of its awkward phase and finding its footing in marketing. And the future looks bright.

You can find my recap of the event and key takeaways on the Red Door blog.