Google Chrome Extensions for Effective Marketers

There are A LOT of Google Chrome Extensions. And most of them aren’t very good. So to save you a little time and effort, here’s a handpicked selection of Google Chrome Extensions for your marketing needs.

Also, this is the first post that uses the content organization and filtering WordPress plugin that my friend Michael and I developed–we’ve named it Listable. The Listable WordPress plugin isn’t public yet, but you can email me at if you’re interested in checking it out.

Select what you'd like the extension to help you with:
Analyze a page
Become a Gmail power user
Communicate through visuals
Remove distractions/annoyances
Do better research
Manage commitments
Collect reading material
Streamline common actions
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  • Analyze a page
    • Web Developer

      Download Web Developer

      This is the swiss army knife of Chrome extensions. I frequently use it for disabling JavaScript or CSS for analysis, outlining content within frames to easily identify non-crawlable content, and viewing image alt tags overlayed on top of the image itself to quickly determine whether or not important images are properly optimized. But, of course, there's much more you can do with it. Definitely a must have for SEOs.

    • MozBar

      Download MozBar

      Very useful for gaining quick insights about on-page elements such as page title, H1, meta description, etc., in addition to providing social sharing data and Moz's OSE link metrics at a high-level--all without having to leave the page.

    • Check My Links

      Download Check My Links

      Simple, but very useful. With a click of a button it'll crawl a page and highlight broken links. An awesome tool for identifying broken link building opportunities while you're browsing a site--if that's your thing.

    • Redirect Path

      Download the Redirect Path Extension

      This is truly an extension that I use every single day. Simply put, it shows every URL and response code the browser passes through in the process of reaching the destination page. Very effective for identifying 302 redirects, soft 404s, etc. while browsing through a site.

    • NoFollow

      Download the NoFollow Extension

      One of my favorites. Before installing this extension, I used to have to view source to see if a page contained a noindex or nofollow robots meta tag. Those days are long gone! The NoFollow extension does this automatically and brings up a prompt to let you know when a page contains either a noindex or nofollow robots meta tag. You can learn a lot about a site by simply installing this extension and browsing around.

    • Appspector

      Download Appspector

      Appspector detects a site's framework or CSS and also identifies JavaScript libraries that are currently running on the page. This can, for example, tell you that a website is running on the latest version of WordPress without having to view the source or having to click away to site's like BuiltWith.

  • Become a Gmail power user
    • Boomerang for Gmail

      Download the Boomerang for Gmail Extension

      This plugin is well worth the $5/month. I'd estimate that I use Boomerang on roughly 75% of my emails. If you subscribe to just about any productivity methodology, you understand the importance of clearing your inbox and receiving information when you need it. Boomerang does just that, by allowing you to snooze emails and schedule a date and time for it to return back to your inbox. Another great feature is returning sent emails if the recipient has not responded. Awesome for staying on top of email conversations with friends and co-workers who are just terrible at responding to emails--we all have a few of those in our life.

    • Gmail Offline

      Download Gmail Offline

      While technically a Chrome App rather than an extension, I'd be remiss to exclude Gmail Offline from a list of tools for using Gmail better. Gmail Offline gives you access to your emails when you do not have an internet connection so you can read emails, draft responses, organize emails and do just about everything except send emails.

    • KeyRocket for Gmail

      Download KeyRocket for Gmail

      KeyRocket for Gmail is the best way to learn Gmail's keyboard shortcuts. It'll give you a friendly reminder every time you complete an action in Gmail that could have been accomplished with a keyboard shortcut; and, of course, the keyboard shortcut for that action.

  • Communicate through visuals
    • Screencastify

      Download the Screencastify Extension

      Create video recordings with audio for free! The tool allows you to record from your browser or anything on your desktop. Now you can record video tutorials, presentations, and just about anything else that's happening on your screen with ease.

    • Awesome Screenshot

      Download the Awesome Screenshot Extension

      The name really says it all. You can create awesome screenshots with a host of annotation tools so you can circle and point to things with arrows to your heart's content. Images can be downloaded or saved temporarily online for your immediate use.

  • Remove distractions/annoyances
    • Minimalist for Everything

      Download the Minimalist for Everything Extension

      Simplify and customize Gmail. There are a ton of customization options, but my favorite is the option to remove ads from the sidebar and bottom in Gmail. I've been using it for so long that I'm not even sure if Google still serves those ads or not. Other applications include customizing colors for unread, starred, checked, and selected items, along with the option to hiding just about any block of content within Gmail.

    • Stayfocusd

      Download the Stayfocusd Extension

      Addicted to Twitter? Craigslist? Stayfocusd increases productivity by limiting the amount of time you can spend on these sites. A bit extreme, I'd say, but helpful in extreme cases.

      What makes this tool different than others like it is that it allows you to budget time to spend on those sites. Other applications of its kind require you go cold turkey for a set period of time. Hopefully, the very act of budgeting and tracking time wasted will make you realize how ridiculous it is that you're spending half your week on Twitter--unless, of course, that's your job. If that's not enough incentive to change your ways, you have Stayfocusd to train you out of those bad habits.

    • AdBlock Plus

      Download the AdBlock Plus Extension

      Very straightforward and does exactly what it says it will do: "Blocks annoying video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, banners and much more." What most people don't know the AdBlock Plus extension for is the malware blocking, removal of social media buttons, and disabling tracking entirely to prevent sites and advertisers from recording your actions. All of this can be configured in the standard AdBlock Plus app, but as a default, only the ad block functionality is enabled.

  • Do better research
    • BuzzBar

      This extension is a part of the BuzzStream toolset--one of my personal favorite tools for influencer outreach and management. If you use BuzzStream, this extension is a must-have. It'll increase the efficiency of your blogger qualification process and integrates well with the core BuzzStream platform.

      You'll need to sign up for BuzzStream to use the BuzzBar. Learn more about the BuzzBar here.

    • Kimono

      Download Kimono

      Need to scrape data from a page? Kimono is one of the best tools I know for that. It allows you to build an API for any page to collect the data that you want in a structured format. The data is then available in JSON, RSS, or CSV.

      The APIs are saved in your Kimono account so that you can use it again. You can even schedule the API to run every hour, daily, weekly, or monthly and get email alerts for updates. I have a feeling this will be an industry favorite really soon.

    • Page2RSS

      Download Page2RSS

      RSS feeds are great because you can get the latest updates and posts from a website without having to visit the website. But the problem is that some sites do not publish RSS feeds, so you have to visit the site to see if there is a new update or post, which can be time consuming.

      Page2RSS solves this by creating an RSS feed for pages that do not already have them and gives you the option to add the feed to your RSS reader right from the browser window, simplifying the process of copying, pasting, and subscribing to the feed in your RSS reader.

    • Page Monitor

      Download Page Monitor

      Want to know when the content on a page changes? Maybe you'd like to get notified when the Google Quality Guidelines change or when that link you've been working for gets added to a page. All you have to do is visit the page you'd like to track, click on the extension icon, and select 'Monitor this Page'. When there's a change to the page, you'll be notified via the extension icon and it will show you a version of the page with the changes highlighted in green.

    • Evernote Web Clipper

      Download Evernote Web Clipper

      If you're an Evernote user, the Web Clipper extension is a must have. You can save pages, images, PDFs, email attachments, and more straight into your Evernote account with just a few clicks. Very, very useful for collecting and organizing information whether it's notes for a blog post or email attachments to access at a later date.

  • Manage commitments
    • ToDoist

      Download the ToDoist Extension

      There are many to-do list apps available, but I find ToDoist to work best with my workflow. The extension allows you to create tasks from web pages and, if you use Gmail, you also have the option of creating tasks from an email. The task then links to the web page or email so you can pull it up when you need it for reference in the task. There are a number of other useful features including projects, labels, notes and search capabilities so you can dig up tasks easier. You can download the extension for free and upgrade to the premium version for $29/year to get some of the additional features discussed above.

  • Collect reading material
    • Pocket

      Download the Pocket Extension

      I use Pocket everyday. I come across a lot of articles and I don't always have the time to read it right then and there, and I definitely don't want to forget about it or forget how I got to it. So I click on the Pocket extension button to bookmark the article and make it available for offline access. This bears repeating: Pocket allows you to bookmark and access articles without an internet connection. Making it one of the only applications useful without wireless access and likely during a period in which I have free time. And it has all of the articles that I've been meaning to read--what a coincidence.

    • Feedly

      Download Feedly

      The Feedly extension makes it easier to add websites to your Feedly account. Come across a site you'd like to subscribe to? All you have to do is click the Feedly Mini icon that's added to the bottom right corner of your browser and you'll have the option to add the feed, save the page for later or to Evernote, or share on Twitter, Facebook, or email.

  • Streamline common actions
    • Simple = Select + Search

      Download the Simple = Select + Search Extension

      You know when you're just browsing around, reading through a post and come across a term or set of words you don't recognize or might want to learn more about? Most of us either A) ignore it and keep reading, B) stop what we're doing and Google it, or C) tell ourselves that we'll look it up later. With this extension, you can do a mix of B and C with hardly any effort at all. Simply highlight the text, right click, and then select which search engine to query.

      There are several default search engines you can use including Google, Wikipedia, DMOZ, Amazon, YouTube, and more. But what's great is that the extension allows you to customize the URL string it uses to conduct the query, so you can, for example, append "&pws=0" to all queries so that you get depersonalized results. You can do a lot with this extension and I'm sure it can help you remove at least one step in your research process.

    • Linkclump

      Download the Linkclump Extension

      I always found it annoying that you could only copy one HTML link at a time in browsers. This extension fixes that: it allows you to open, copy, or bookmark multiple links at the same time by just holding shift and highlighting the group of links.

    • Google Dictionary

      Download Google Dictionary

      When researching in industries that I'm not familiar with I often come across words that I don't know the meaning of. So I copy the word and search for it in Google to learn more. This is good and fine, but it is a bit distracting to have to leave the page every time I don't know a word. The Google Dictionary extension makes it much easier to get definitions. All you have to do is double click on the word and you'll get a pop-up bubble with the definition and even an option to hear how the word is pronounced.

    • Copy Plain Text

      Download Copy Plain Text

      99% of the time I'm copying text from a page I'm looking to paste the text without the formatting. With the Copy Plain Text extension, when you select text and right click, you'll have the option to copy the text unformatted.